Why Ontario College Teachers Will Vote “NO”

Image courtesy of OPSEU.

Ontario College faculty are likely to reject the offer from the CEC this week. The overwhelming sentiment from faculty is that the offer is worse than their current deal. But reading through initial media coverage of the vote would have you believe that there was only one big issue with the CEC’s offer; no academic freedom. At least that’s what I got from the CBC and the Toronto Star.

It turns out I got it wrong.

Miss Laura Pastrik tried to help me out. But I stood my ground.

A #StandWithFaculty twitter account jumped in to straighten things out.

They backed up their claim with two points.

1. In the new offer, faculty could be required to do unlimited unpaid overtime.

So I pointed out the phrasing at the end; “entirely voluntary.” But I was assuming one interpretation. @StandWithFac pointed out how dangerous that assumption was.

Point made.

2. The offer lifts any limits on how many weeks teachers can put into a given course.

I pointed out that the deal says nothing about teachers getting no money for the extra weeks and that the supervisor and the teacher have to agree on it. And again, @StandWithFac clarified things for me.

It means no wage premiums for putting in the extra work. And if you’re a contract worker hoping to land a full-time position, would you say “no” to a manager if they’re asking more of you?

What the CEC would have you believe is that this offer is exactly what faculty wanted. The media is trying to stay objective, but they aren’t reporting the whole picture and end up promoting the CEC’s message.

But the teachers know what’s going on. OPSEU is advising them to vote, “NO.”  There are many other reasons for faculty to reject the CEC’s offer. The points that @StandWithFac made above were only a couple in a long list of reasons why the faculty are increasingly frustrated with the CEC.

By the end of the week, we’ll have faculty’s final decision. And unless something drastic happens between now and then, they will stand for what they deserve and continue picketing until the CEC stops playing around and actually starts working towards solutions.


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